Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice

Guess the sum of dice and watch out for electrifying multipliers in Lightning Dice!

    Lightning Dice Game Overview

    You can play Lightning Dice from 20p per bet.

    In Lighting Dice, an unlimited number of players bet on the sum of three dice that are released into the 'Lightning Tower'.

    Bets are placed on any of the spots labelled three to 18 on the betting grid.

    You can also choose to 'Bet On All' to place the value of your selected chip on all bet spots simultaneously.  

    Guess the sum of the three dice correctly to win.

    Random Multipliers

    Once the betting time has expired, 'lighting strikes' hit at least one random 'Lightning Numbers' which are each assigned a random multiplier of up to 1000x.

    The game presenter then releases the three dice into the 'Lightning Tower'.   

    Close Up View

    You will be shown a close-up view of the dice tumbling down the 'Lightning Tower'.

    As soon as the dice have all landed in the tray at the base of the tower, the sum of the three face-up numbers is shown on screen.  


    You can win up to 1000x the value of your bet, including your bet, in Lightning Dice.

    The payout range is dependent on whether your winning bet spot included a random multiplier.

    If there is a multiplier, then the payout is multiplied accordingly.

    BetPayout Range
    Total 3 / Total 18149–999 to 1 (1000x)
    Total 4 / Total 17 49–499 to 1 (500x)
    Total 5 / Total 1624–249 to 1 (250x)
    Total 6 / Total 1514–99 to 1 (100x)
    Total 7 / Total 149–99 to 1 (100x)
    Total 8 / Total 136–49 to 1 (50x)
    Total 9 / Total 125–49 to 1 (50x)
    Total 10 / Total 114–49 to 1 (50x)

    Return to Player

    Expected return to player (RTP): 96.21%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.21 of wins.