Search for the Phoenix

Search for the Phoenix

Uncover cash prizes and free spins every day with our free game, Search for the Phoenix!

    Search for the Phoenix Free Game Overview

    The game is played on a 10x9 phoenix mosaic that hides cash prizes and free spins.

    You must select a tile to reveal a symbol.

    Skull symbols are treated as a miss.

    You can come back and play every day.

    You are given six picks each time you play.

    The number of items you need to collect to win a prize are shown in the table below.

    Copper Vase35 spins
    Jade Mask410 spins
    Ruby Pendant550 spins
    Tree-tailed Lion8£20

    The free spins are played on Secrets of the Phoenix.

    Your game board is cleared every Sunday at midnight, so make sure you come back and play every day to increase your chances of winning.

    You must have made a first deposit of £10 or more to play this game.

    The prizes that are available to be won in this game depend on your previous wagering history.

    Special Game

    This Special Game is a calendar based game that can see you win cash prizes and free spins.

    Each day you play this game you will be awarded one Phoenix egg that is added to your calendar on the day of play. 

    All of your six picks must be made to be awarded an egg in the special game.

    In order to qualify for this game, you need to have played throughout the month and then return on the last day of the month to play. 

    The more days you play, the greater your chances of winning a prize.

    On the last day the Phoenix Flame chooses some days on your calendar to be lucky days. 

    The eggs on the lucky days will then catch fire - watch out for the charred marks that highlight lucky days you didn't have an egg on.

    Click on all of the flaming eggs to reveal your prizes.

    Each egg can award up to £100 or 10 free spins.

    First time players are awarded a special one-time bonus of one free Phoenix egg for every day that the current game has been in play. 

    These awarded eggs are simply added to your calendar.