Spinal Tap

Spinal Tap

Rock out with with an incredible 7x Bonus rounds on Spinal Tap!

  • 30p


  • 7x Bonus Rounds

    7x Bonus Rounds

  • £450,000


Spinal Tap Online Slot Game

You can play Spinal Tap from just 30p per spin.

There are 243 ways to win in this game.


Wild Symbols

Wild symbols replace all other symbols, except Bonus and Special symbols, to complete wins.


Rock Mode

The 'Spin' button appears as a volume dial and during any spin this can be turned up.

Should the volume reach 11 then Rock Mode will be activated.

When this mode is triggered, two additional reels will be added to create a total of seven reels on the screen and allowing 2187 ways to win.

A large vinyl record, which features a range of numbers and four modifiers on it, will then appear on the screen and start spinning.

When the vinyl record stops spinning, the needle determines the outcome of this feature.

Heavy Duty Wilds - a specified number of reels are transformed into Wild Reels.

Wild Sparks - a specified number of reel positions are converted into Wild symbols.

Rock 'n Roll Spins -  after the reels stop spinning, all winning symbols are held in position and the reels will re-spin. 

The number of re-spins is determined by the number displayed on the wheel.

Bonus Odyssey - a specified number of Bonus symbols are added to the reels.


VIP Guess Pass

The optional VIP Guest Pass can be activated at any time before a spin.

Accepting this will see you wager the value displayed.

Rock Mode starts immediately after this is accepted.


Bonus Symbol

Landing three or more Bonus symbols on the reels triggers the Bonus Picker feature.

Each additional Bonus symbol you land will eliminate the lowest available Bonus during the Bonus Picker.

- 4x Bonus symbols - Double Platinum eliminated

- 5x Bonus symbols - Double Platinum and Don't Fret It eliminated

- 6x Bonus symbols - Double Platinum, Don't Fret It and Record Deal eliminated

Bonus SymbolsBonus Eliminated
4Double Platinum
5Double Platinum and Don't Fret It
6Double Platinum, Don't Fret It and Record Deal

Collecting 7x Bonus symbols triggers the World Tour Bonus.

Bonus Picker

Landing three or more Bonus symbols triggers the Bonus Picker round.

Select from the Vinyl Records to reveal Bonus Icons.

These Bonus Icons will tally in a panel to the left of the screen, revealing a complete set of Bonus Icons will trigger the corresponding bonus.

Revealing a Star symbol will eliminate bonuses from the panel.

Double Platinum Bonus

You are taken to a new screen with a Fortune Wheel and 3 Band Member images.

The Fortune Wheel is composed of three rings each divided into segments.

Each segment contains a multiplier value.

Selecting a Band Member reveals one of the following outcomes:

- Arrow -adds an arrow to the Fortune Wheel that can take you to the next ring

- Multiplier Boost - increases random multipliers on the Fortune Wheel

- Spin - spins the Fortune Wheel

Landing on three consecutive arrows triggers the World Tour Bonus.

Don't Fret It Bonus

You are taken to a new screen with a guitar on either side and 3 Boxes in the middle.

You will then pick a box to reveal one of the following outcomes:

Revealed by BoxOutcome
Blue ArrowAdvance up the blue values
Red ArrowAdvance up the red values
Blue Gold ArrowAdvance to the maximum blue value
Red Gold ArrowAdvance to the maximum red value
Take a PrizeNo more advances can be made once this is revealed
Win RedCollect the current red value
Win BlueCollect the current blue value
Rock Them BothCollect the current blue and red value at the same time

Record Deal Bonus

This feature consists of 16 Vinyl Records along with a list of available outcomes down the left and right sides of the screen.

Select one of the records to hold it in place until the end of the bonus.

You then have the choice to accept or reject offers as the elimination process continues.

Should you reach the last two records then a Final Offer is made.

Should you reject this offer then the first record you chose will be revealed.

A swap can be offered after the Final Offer.

Stairway to Hell Free Spins Bonus

You are taken to a Free Spins screen and awarded 11 free spins.

A special Bone Guitar Wild is active during this bonus round.

The reels can randomly extend to seven reels wide and 2187 ways to win.

After any win, Skulls can award a random win multiplier up to x11.

A special Amp symbol is active on these reels during this feature.

Landing an Amp symbol will award one additional free spin.

Encore Free Spins Bonus

You are taken to a Free Spins screen and awarded 11 free spins.

Any Wild symbols that appear will pay as normal and be added to the Encore Bank.

On the last free spin, an Encore Spin is triggered.

The reels will extend to seven reels wide and 2187 ways to win.

All banked Wild symbols from the Encore Bank are randomly distributed onto the reels.

Stonehenge Free Spins Bonus

You are taken to a Free Spins screen and awarded 11 free spins.

A special Wild Zone pattern is displayed on the reels in the shape of Stonehenge in this bonus.

Any Wild symbols that land in the zone will pay as normal and then lock to that position for the rest of the bonus.

Should Wild symbols be locked into every Wild Zone position then the free spins counter is reset to 11.

Wild symbols are only active on reels 2-6.

The World Tour Bonus

You are taken to the Bonus Trail screen that is split into three stages - Europe, USA and Japan.

You always begin in Europe with the aim to advance through all the stages and accumulate prizes before the Big Money end game.

The Spin Wheel is divided into sections, with each section containing an Advance Number or an X.

Distributed along the trail are a series of Stage Shows - landing on one of these will bring three Ticket Stubs onto the screen.

You will then select one of them to reveal any of the following:

- Heart - Covers one of the Xs on the Advance Wheel

- Aeroplane - Advances you to the next stage instantly

- Question Mark - Awards a mystery win prize

Reaching the end of the trail awards you entry into the Big Money Bonus.

During the Big Money Bonus, you will select one of three Band Members to reveal a win multiplier of up to x10.

This will multiply your winnings from the World Tour Bonus.

Return to Player

Return to Player (RTP): 97.05%

The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £97.05 of wins.